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  • Case-Law search engine to find quickly and easily the doctrine of the Constitutional Court since 1980.
  • You can compose different types of searches to narrow the results by combining one or all of the specialized search options.
  • You can access the Decision's original text published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) in PDF format, in the web page of the Agencia Estatal Boletin Oficial del Estado, download the decisions in OpenXML format (supported by Word and LibreOffice) or print them.
  • Free search text boxes allow the use of operators AND (to add cumulatively terms or expressions), OR (to find alternate terms or expressions) and AND NOT (to exclude terms or expressions).
  • Click the icon next to the main box to add additional search boxes in order to combine different search terms in one or more parts of the decisions.
  • You can access the full text of the decision, its grounds, its ruling or, where appropiate, the separate opinions. Likewise, you can view the data sheet or the indexes (of challenged laws and mentioned laws).
  • Help us improve the Case-Law database by letting us know the errata you have found in the decisions.
  • We would appreciate any suggestions will indicate new semantic descriptors to include, thus helping to improve the basis of Jurisprudence.
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